Avis à manifestation d’intérêt pour le recrutement d'un Cabinets de consultants pour le Services de conseil pour l'évaluation de la gestion du système de gestion des ressources humaines du Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement




Ref.: REOI/HR1/IDEV2/2022/11/04

Abidjan, 17th November 2022



  1. The African Development Bank Group (AfDB or the Bank) hereby invites Consulting Firms to indicate their interest in the following assignment: Consultancy services for the evaluation of the African Development Bank Group's management of Human Resource Management System with focus on recruitment, retention, career progression, and performance management (henceforth "the assignment").
  2. Independent Development Evaluation function (IDEV) of the African Development Bank (AfDB or the Bank) is undertaking an evaluation of the Bank’s Human Resource Management. This evaluation is part of IDEV’s 2022-2024 work program approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors with respect to its mandate of providing a basis for accountability by documenting the use and results of the Bank Group policies and contributing to the generation of lessons. The evaluation will be structured into 2 components focusing on specific themes: HR Evaluation 1 (Recruitment, Retention, Career Progression and Performance Management), and HR Evaluation 2 (Right sizing and Incentive structure).
  3. The HR1 evaluation (subject of the present request for expression of interest) will be conducted in the context of the implementation of the Bank’s current Human Resources Strategy (People Strategy 2021-2025) and following from a previous Human Resources Management Evaluation conducted by IDEV in 2017. While the Bank has initiated major organizational changes in the past and recent years following its strategic human resource objectives and key evaluation recommendations, it is imperative for the Bank to pursue its HR objective of attracting, retaining and developing a high-quality workforce necessary to deliver on its Africa transformation agenda.
  4. This evaluation which also has in part a forward-looking focus, is expected to inform future actions and guide the successful implementation of the current reforms in human resource management system.


  1. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide the Board, Management and RMCs with timely and relevant evidence on the quality and performance and lessons to improve the Bank’s current HR management practices. This assessment will require looking at the extent to which the 2022 People Strategy as well as the performance management system and other recent reforms (integrated talent management framework and the total compensation framework) addressed the issues raised by the 2017 HR Evaluation.
  2. The evaluation will concentrate on the four main strategic priorities mentioned in the Bank’s People Strategy: leadership, performance and accountability, employee engagement and communications, building the workforce of the future while considering the challenges and the evolving institutional environment of the Bank.
  3. The specific objectives of the evaluation are:
  4. To carry out a diagnostic study of the Bank’s institutional environment with regard to HRM focusing on adequacy of the structures, systems, people and processes to drive the Bank’s TYS in a sustainable manner; the Bank’s technical competences and readiness to deliver on the High 5 priorities considering recent global evolution in work environments.
  5. Review the progress made by the Bank against the previous people strategy objectives and examine if key issues raised (in previous evaluation, audit, and staff surveys) were addressed or being addressed.
  6. To carry out a benchmarking study, building on the last study conducted in 2017, and involving other relevant comparator institutions (multilateral, bilateral, not-for-profit and private) to address specific issues that were not covered in the previous study. The study will help capture lessons from the experiences of these institutions in strategic human resource management particularly in the context of organizational transformation.
  7. To provide strategic directions to the Bank including in the key areas of reforms in human resource management based on the findings and lessons from (a), (b) and (c) above.
  8. The evaluation will address several evaluation questions including the following criteria: relevance effectiveness efficiency and sustainability. The evaluation will also look at the enabling and hindering factors and will draw lessons to improve the HR policies and practices.
  9. The evaluation will use both the international evaluation criteria, principles and quality standards as well as the Evaluation Cooperation Group's Big Book. This evaluation will use a theory-based approach taking into consideration the five strategic goals of the Bank’s People Strategy 2021-2025.
  10. The assignment(s) is expected to include the following phases and activities:
  11. Inception Phase: The firm and IDEV team will work on the preparation of an Inception Report. The firm will review relevant documents, participate in initial consultations and develop a draft inception report including initial background analysis, proposed methodology as well as necessary data collection, analysis and reporting tools which will be validated by IDEV.
  12. Data Collection and Analysis: Based on the validated inception report, the firm will undertake quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. This will include documentation research and review, data collection missions and benchmarking with comparator institutions, interviews, survey and other activities. This phase may include travels to selected countries. The firm will be expected to produce a background report detailing all analysis conducted and the broad answers to the evaluation questions.
  • Reporting phase: The firm will produce an evaluation technical report which will include findings, conclusions, lessons, and recommendations as per the requirement of the inception report. The firm will also revise the technical evaluation report following the validation and consultations during the review of the draft technical report and the preliminary findings workshop.

All phases include the internal quality assurance process (comments and revision of the report) comprising reviews by IDEV, the Evaluation Reference Group and an external peer reviewer.

  1. The evaluation will be led by an IDEV Task Manager with the technical support of the recruited firm. The IDEV’s team will coordinate the activities and including the preparation of missions, consultations and reports. It will also provide strategic and methodological guidance, and quality assurance throughout the evaluation. The IDEV team will also be responsible for the preparation of the summary report of the evaluation.
  2. It is anticipated that a Request for Proposals will be issued in November 2022, with contracting of the Firm and commencement of activities by end December 2022. Desk and portfolio reviews are expected to be conducted from January 2022 while data collection missions are likely to be undertaken from March 2023. The draft technical evaluation report is expected to be produced by August 2023.

  1. Required Skills and Experience

The work will require a team of highly qualified consultants in a reputable consulting firm. The general requirement and experience of the firm should include:

  • Evidence of experiences of working with the Bank and/or other International Financial Institutions with work practices similar to the Bank.
  • Evidence of delivering robust evaluations as per schedule and quality standards in similar focus areas: human resource management, corporate reviews and institutional reforms.
  • Evidence of putting together mixed teams from the Bank’s regional member countries to deliver on similar assignments, including combining senior, technical and junior roles to ensure effective delivery of outputs.
  • Key team members should demonstrate a track record of experience in human resource management practices and systems in both international public organizations and private sector organizations.
  • Familiarity with evaluation good practice principles and standards of the OECD-DAC and/or the Evaluation Cooperation Group.
  • Working ability in English, written and spoken, is required for the consultancy. All evaluation outputs should be delivered in English. The team must also include members who can communicate in French.

The Consulting firm shall demonstrate appropriate qualifications and skills necessary for the assignment as described above.

Eligibility criteria, establishment of the short-list and the selection procedure shall be in accordance with the Bank’s Procurement Policy and Procedures for Corporate Consultants Recruitment. The Bank is under no obligation to shortlist any consultant who expresses interest.

A shortlist of six qualified firms will be established after assessing the of expressions of interest. The consultants on the shortlist will be judged on the following criteria.

General qualification and experience in the area of expertise (similar experience as40
described in the TOR) 
Similar experience working with the Bank or international organizations and DFI’s30
in Africa 
Availability of skills within the personnel of the company during the period planned for20
the execution of the contract 
Experience with MDBs and DFIs in Strategic human resource management policy,10
strategy and practices, organizational development, transformation and change 

  1. The assignment will have an initial duration of 10 months and the position is located within the Division 2 of IDEV. The commencement date is planned for 26 December 2022.
  2. Interested Firms may obtain further information at the email address below during the Bank’s working hours: from 09:00 to 17:00 hours (GMT)
  3. Expressions of interest must be received electronically by email at the address below no later than

24th November 2022 at 17h00 local time (GMT).

To the attention of:

Mme. Akua Arthur Kissi,  Email : [email protected];

Mr. Parfait Yao Kouassi, Email: [email protected]