Avis de recrutement d’un consultant individuel pour la préparation des opérations d’appui budgétaire et des projets d’appui institutionnel, Côte d’Ivoire




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Expressions of interest are being requested for an individual consultant to undertake the preparation of Budget Support Operations and Institutional Support Projects.

Brief description of the assignment : The consultant will be required to assist the relevant Task Managers to prepare Program Based Operations, Institutional Support Projects as well as Project Completion Reports of the priority countries in East and Southern Africa region.

Department issuing the request : Governance and Public Financial Management Coordination Office (ECGF).

Place of assignment : The consultant will work remotely

Duration of the assignment : 6 months

Tentative Date of commencement : February 2022

Detailed Terms of reference for the assignment : (see below)

Deadline for applications : 31 January 2022

Applications to be submitted to : [email protected] copied to [email protected] and [email protected]


Interested Consultants must register on the AfDB E-Consultant site at https://econsultant.afdb.org/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/zdac_wd_login_page/# and advise g.katie-[email protected] and [email protected] on the webcode that will be issued, or share their DACON number if they are already registered. Please use Internet Explorer to access the E-Consultant application.

Any questions and requests for clarifications may be sent to [email protected] copied to [email protected] and [email protected]


Purpose of the Consultancy :

The African Development Bank wishes to hire a consultant to assist the relevant Task Managers to prepare Program Based Operations, Institutional Support Projects as well as Project Completion Reports of the priority countries in East and Southern Africa region.

In addition, the consultant will be responsible for: (i) following up on programming and coordinating issues ; drafting programme appraisal reports and related internal processing memos; (iii) supporting country sector and economic work and dialogue and donor coordination; (iv) organizing, covering and participating in meetings to review economic and sector work, strategy and operation documents; and (v) reviewing documents and preparing summary briefs. The consultant shall work within the framework of guidance and support from ECGF Senior Management as well as under the general supervision of an assigned Governance Officer. The Consultant should have experience in country dialogue and participation at donor group meetings, country sector and economic analysis, preparation and review of project documents such as project preparation reports, appraisal reports, portfolio review reports, country strategy documents, project completion reports etc.

The Specific duties of the Consultant will include the following : 

  • Review existing documents and statistics on the institutional, social, political, and economic situation in the RMCs with special focus on PFM and governance reforms, business climate and private sector development ;
  • Collect all available information considered necessary for the preparation of the technical, economic, financial, and institutional aspects that are required for the preparation of the Appraisal Reports. This information includes assessments and program documents related to PFM systems and private sector development prepared by the government and donors ;
  • Review and analyze, in close consultation with the relevant authorities, the validity of the PFM and economic governance reform objectives, components, private sector development strategy, and activities, including risk assessment and mitigation measures ;
  • Assess ongoing and future donor activities in the areas of PFM and economic governance (including private sector development) ;
  • Identify main program policy related activities that will have an impact on the performance of the government with respect to: (a) promoting accountability, transparency and efficiency of PFM systems; (b) improving the business and investment enabling environment through private sector development reforms; (c) assisting in closing any potential financing gap over the period 2022 – 2024, depending on the country; and (d) contributing to the government’s overall reform program, governance, and development agenda ;
  • Discuss the goal, objectives and a description of the proposed project by component, as well as the main activities ;
  • Explore the impact and outcomes of the project and agree with stakeholders on the Results-Based Logical Framework of the project ;
  • Prepare the detailed cost estimates for the project components and activities and agree on the financing plan including the level of support required from the Bank and Government partners ;
  • Prepare and review project documents such as project preparation reports, project concept notes, appraisal reports, project completion reports in conformity with the Bank’s standard PAR format and readiness review ;
  • Discuss the project’s implementation arrangements and identify gaps (if any) and recommend remedial actions ;
  • Support the processing of the reports until Board presentation, and second the Task Manager with his/her work in carrying out the appraisal of the budget support and institutional support projects for the RMCs ;
  • Participate in policy dialogue with the Governments, development partners and other stakeholders ;
  • Participate, when necessary, in country missions, and in the identification, appraisal, and monitoring of policy and institutional reform programs ;
  • Support ECGF in reviewing documents and producing a brief before meetings ;
  • Attend meetings and take notes as may be directed by ECGF Management; and
  • Any other duties that may be assigned by the ECGF Management.

Duration of the Assignment :

The work assignment, under this term of reference, will involve full-time consultancy services for a period of six (6) months. The successful Consultant will be expected to start as soon as the selection process is completed (probably end-February 2022) and the contract signed by the two contracting parties.

Qualifications and Experience : 

  • Minimum of a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in economics, or other economic development-related discipline ;
  • Preferably, a minimum of ten (10) years of relevant experience, especially in the formulation and implementation of policies, country strategies, programs/projects and flagship economic and sector studies in the Bank or a similar development institution in public service or private sector ;
  • Extensive expertise, knowledge and experience in the field of aid effectiveness and aid management process related issues. Notable experience in donor coordination will be an advantage ;
  • Extensive experience and familiarity with African Development Bank/Fund policy, procedures and programme management ;
  • Work experience with the Bank, and in particular the design of policy based operations and institutional support project appraisal reports, and project evaluation and completion reports ;
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and produce portfolio and economic related knowledge products/flagship reports, country strategy papers, and other economic and sector studies ;
  • Experience in working in fragile countries will also be an added advantage ;
  • Client-satisfaction and results-oriented mind-set; strong analytical and communication (verbal and written) skills, sense of accuracy and detail-oriented ;
  • Ability to handle sensitive issues in a multicultural environment and to build effective working relationships with colleagues ;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and/or French with a good working knowledge of the other language ;
  • Competence in the use of the ERP systems and standard software systems such as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.

Note : Consultants must register at https://econsultant.afdb.org/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/zdac_wd_login_page/# (using Internet Explorer) before submitting their CV to be considered for the shortlist.